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About Precision Tool


Precision Tool Inc is a 8,300 Square foot facility located in Vermontville, MI.  Our shop is fully climate controlled to ensure we attain the highest precision tolerances, to meet our customers demands. Our core group of employees have been working together for 20+ years, designing & building Hardpoint Gauges, Electronic Gauges, EDM Fixtures, Grind Fixtures,  Hydraulic Fixtures, Machining Fixtures for the Aerospace/Power Generation industries, mainly in the arena of blades, vanes, nozzles, shroud hangers, and heat shields.



Company History


Keith Brandon Started CB Industries in 1975. CB Industries was a tooling company that specialized in the design & build of both machining fixtures and hard point inspection gauges. CB industries was sold in 1998 and became Durgam Tool & Die. The focus of Durgam Tool & Die was not Aerospace Tooling, so a group of the older CB Industry employees went out on their own and created Precision Tool Inc., in an effort to continue their focus on being the best Aerospace/Power Generation gauge & fixture supplier in the business.


Many of those who worked at CB Industries still work at Precision Tool Inc. today and have worked to pass their knowledge on to the rest of the employees, which has enabled Precision Tool to maintain a talented workforce on quality, functionality, and conformance to delivery commitments. If you want high quality tools that will work as intended the first time you use them, then Precision Tool Inc. is well-suited to meet your fixture and gauging requirement expectations.







Remember, quality isn't expensive…it's priceless!!!

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