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"I received the second set of details. Nice job! Thank you very much! I appreciate you working to a schedule and maintaining it. So many folks do not do that."


Project Engineer Arconic



"I do want you guys to know that I am pleased with the craftsmanship. Very well done, exactly what I was looking for. "


Quality Engineer Tecomet


"Thanks , This will be nice to get used to.

A refreshing change from most vendors I have worked with (especially in my previous casting life) 

where it was pushing rope and a blind wild ride to see if we’d get it in time – only to find out the week/ 

day it’s due that it’s not done, not right and rework is needed, etc.

Thanks for your approach and professionalism.  I am enjoying my exposure/ interaction with you as we 

build a professional working relationship and am learning first hand why you are the vendor of choice 

on these things."


Project Engineer  GE Aviation



"All the fixtures that you have constructed for us have been working 

very well.  On our Bow and Twist fixtures that you  were able to get sent out at the end of January, we 

typically have to perform some “tweaking” to get them to work just right.  The ones you built for us 

have been working “right out of the box” and have required no modifications.  I have been very 

impressed with all the work you have done"


Project Engineer Arconic



"Outstanding job as always and thank you guys!!! Still on the A list but added another +."


Aerospace Engineer


"Awesome job to you and your team!!! Only Precision could have pulled this one off and we greatly appreciate your help and support!!!"


Aerospace Project Engineer


"Hey Just an FYI. We are making 650 pieces a week. We are running about 90-93% for efficiency and a remarkable 1.3% scrap rate for our 9 machined Ops (That you guys designed). Hat off to your Crew!! it runs 3 shifts and 2 shifts on the weekends."

Process Engineer Arconic



Remember, quality isn't expensive…it's priceless!!!

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